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Karl Gerber, a prolific employee lawyer was recruited to do something new on Los Angeles' God of Talk Radio, KABC790. He decided the public would learn the complexities of California employment law if he scripted each show. Not only is each 60 minute episode scripted, they are acted by comedic voice and film actors in a continuing series. Each episode is approximately 48 minutes of often hilarious content. Some gigantic names in voice acting have appeared on the show along with newer talent. Besides entertaining and showcasing some of Los Angeles' finest comedians, the show aims to be a very now, equal inclusion message befitting for California's diversity. Besides representing employees in California since 1993, Massachusetts, Texas, and Washington D.C. since 2010 Gerber has written several novels, multiple short stories, and over 600 articles on labor law. His transition from producing, directing, and scripting trials as well as a second career in writing prepared him for the unique task of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show.

Sunday nights all shows are recorded live at the KABC studio in Culver City. High level scripting and casting, on a weekly basis, is not an easy task for Mr. Gerber who has a sophisticated, active labor law practice with offices throughout Southern California. Due to regulatory reasons, Mr. Gerber performs in each episode. Although he never had any ambition of an acting career, he was routinely selected as the leads in school plays. In his junior year of high school he received a B in theater even though he disappeared from the school two and a half months before the end of his junior year and had only given two performances out of the five weighted into the final grade. When he was 20, Mr. Gerber took a non-acting theater arts class in his final semester of college and received an A even though he had to leave the class a month before it ended due to law school.

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