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Comedy radio in which it is determined having access to Chap Shtick's database that tracks each sanitary napkin is what now makes a nation a first world country. The soldier is fired from his job for gong on this particular mission. He was also disciplined for helping fight California wild fires while serving, and deterring California Poppy smugglers who come to the California Poppy Festival in Lancaster. The soldier is unique and amusing. Aired live 11-11-18 on KABC 790 AM.
Comedy Radio on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show. Judge Beezu batted grapes with her shaky finger before her courtroom was destroyed when Rhemus Helms and Molly Machete rode their horses into the jury room in order to joust for the role of foreperson in the Santos Rosenstein v. Glickman controlled standby lawsuit Dombass ineptly defended, but the Plaintiff's lawyer had an exhibit that was umm, hmm, ah. The 14th Amendment with due process and equal protection is dear to both Gerber and Judge Beezu, but it remains unclear whether Gerber redirected Judge Beezu in life without a courtroom. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Aired 11-4-18 KABC 790AM
Karl Gerber, Workplace lawyers gets Star Light into Rhemus Helms' Day 3 of 6 Halloween Party. She is dressed like Star Bright. They find Hinita Orchid Helms in an underground phallic shaped bunker lying in a state of boredom. Star Light attempts to resurrect her with a Ouija Board while singing the Time Warp. This causes Gerber and Star Light to land on the 1939 Pine Needle Ski Slope in Universal City. They proceed to rescue a gay man who was fired due to his sexual orientation and physically ejected from a bar he worked at along Highway 101 (Ventura Boulevard). Star Light gets a job as a B-Drinker in a joint on Bunker Hill where she has to climb 100 stairs to enter. She is sexually harassed and they decide to leave 1939. Gerber expects his logic skills will bring them to back to his home in 2018, but Star Light makes him lose his concentration and focus on his costume suit from 1950 he wore to Rhemus Helms' party. They land in 1950 where Gerber helps a noir mystery writer ghost write by leaving radio and film scripts. Star Light gets a job at Charley Foy's Supper Club in Sherman Oaks. They attempt to leave 1950, but end up in 1959. In 1959 Gerber assists with the Petermann appeal which establishes the forebearings for wrongful termination in California. The show ends with Hinita Orchid Helms resurrected due to the story. Star Light was played by Cindy D. who recounted the escapade because Star Light immediately disappeared after resurrecting her friend who died of boredom at XIo415.
Tinita Gravita I has been accommodated at Organic Ostrich during her lengthy pregnancy which turns out to be 11 years. Apparently she lost a game of office chair wars and had to engage in activities with a Skinlit. The fixer has pulled the strings to her chair, but she was denied the accommodation of having a miniature pony pull her into the hallway where she could watch the dog races. She claims her baby used to be larger before Meche Ga Dogman's pit bull Mean Bull ate part of her baby.
Meche Ga Dogma thinks she is fired from her job because she served on a jury. The job is at Organic Ostrich the makers of soy drums that contain 90% feather feed. Ms. Dogma brings her pit bulls to the live KABC AM 790 radio show. The dogs roam the studio, destroy a leather couch, and bark throughout the show. It is determined that Organic Ostrich was shut down due to the employees bringing in their dogs. The fixer took bets on jale jale races and dog fights. The jury trial Ms. Dogma attended turns out to be the Rosa Santos Rosenstein v. Lisa Glickman trial for Rosa not receiving controlled standby. A mistrial is declared when Rhemus Helms and Molly Machete ride horses into the jury room where they plan to joist in order to determine who the foreperson of the jury will be. This is modern radio comedy at its best.
Comedy Radio heard live on KABC AM790 October 7, 2018. An Inland Empire woman is fired from her job for leaving work to vote in the uptenth runoff election for the Assistant Dope Waxer in Hell Hole Palms. Many, "Big" issues are discussed including who might be the emperor of the Inland Empire, the beach community at Moreno Beach, and the largest warehouse in Fontana which happens to be the Rhemus Helms Worldwide Distribution Center.
Heard live on KABC AM790 9-30-18. A near 80 year old truant officer is not hired at an unorthodox school (The University) for geniuses. The school never takes applications, and prefers to recruit the living and dead if they are sufficiently odd. Officer Lines' career highlight was providing immunity to Gerber's younger brother (Lemur, Jr.) in exchange for information on truants and pedophilles the Lemur Brothers had intelligence on because they ran the online portal to the internet when it was a dial-up system in the early to mid-1980s at which time Brett Kaughavagan was exposing himself which led to many Trump and otherwise red jokes on this particular episode. Gerber and Lines move onto the Iranian Diaper Crisis Burning Man, incidents of alcoholism at work, and job quits due to commuttes.
Skinlit appears on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show claiming religious discrimination from Nouvella Vague Gaming where he is a character in a VR game. He is a member of the Lemon Drops, a religious sect residing below the surface of the earth. Gerber and Skinlit ultimately do a duet of Why Can't We Live Together juxtapositioning names of famous guests such as Rhemus and Demus Helms, Cindy D., P a J Butt Crack, III, Star Light and Star Bright. This is comedy radio with a bent on California employment law.
Heard on KABC AM790 9-16-18. The deponent is advised to bring a lot of cash to her deposition for parking, lunch, and pain relievers. She ponders whether she should leave for Century City after the Culver City radio show recording, or leave her home 12 miles away in North Hollywood before 4 AM to get to the 10:00 A.M. Deposition. She also questions why she hired Dombass to represent her on a mixed contingency/hourly fee. This is weekly sketch comedy that relates to California employment law and Los Angeles.
Cindy D. has been fired from her job at Underground Operators where she is a phone sex operator. She had to pick up her daughter twice when she was suspended from school. She missed another day enrolling her daughter, who tested gifted, in a new school for the highly gifted. Cindy D. appeared on Episodes 3 and 6. This episode of the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer show was broadcast on KABC AM790 9-9-18 before a live Los Angeles and Southern California audience. This is comedy that deals with workplace situations.
Star Bright considers a class action against her employer, Mildew Rentals, because she is being paid sub-minimum wage, not paid for overtime, and receiving an illegal rent credit because it exceeds the lawful limits of a rent credit in California. Otherwise, she is enjoying married life with Chap Shtick, but generally unsure of just about everything including whether Hinita Orchid Helms is alive or dead notwithstanding attending her funeral.
Chap works for Cyclops Security managing a database of each sanitary napkin the US Army distributes in Afghanistan before XIO415 (the company that bored an employee to death in episode 17) bought it out. His manager Molly Machete (ex-water boarder) demands pressure services on her back 5 minutes into his lunch breaks. The first two hours of the shift he must speak to the General in charge of the Afghan Conflict so he cannot take rest breaks. The neighboring business Nouvelle Vague Novelty Toys' antics prevent his rest break before his meal break. This poor man learns he missed statutes of limitations when he went to the Labor Board and won only because XIO415's lawyers put the hearing officer into a near slumber.
Dombass' office is in back of a nuru massage clinic founded by a famous nuru nurse. The nurse and Rhemus Helms conceived Hinita Orchid Helms in the very chair Dombass now uses to rip off clients, and receive occasional massages. Gerber cannot reconcile Dombass' lack of ethics and learnings of the law. Gerber demands that Dombass pay restitution to the clients he has taken advantage of. Broadcast live 8-19-18 KABC Radio AM 790, Los Angeles California.
Comedy radio, Karl Gerber Workplace Lawyer show heard on 790 AM KABC every Sunday 7:00 to 8:00 Pacific Time! Third party neutral investigator (although paid exorbitantly by both sides) investigates a case of death by boredom in the workplace. The victim is at least one of the people Rhemus Helms has fathered. A workers compensation specialist comments on the willfully boring work environment. A clinical pathologist from Harvard opines the blocked exit door might not have made a different because what was on the other side of the door was equally boring. Questions remain. Will they be answered in the next episode?
Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show Broadcast 8-5-18. Young woman with bad credit claims she quit her job for a $250,000 a year candle designing gig at Nouvelle Vague Novelty Toys. Was she let go because the candles she pirated didn't mask the smell of living in her Prius because she couldn't find a place to live in the Los Angeles Beach Communities? Learn about at-will employment, employment contracts, fraud, and the importance of not telling somebody else's story.
Nouvelle Vague Novelty Toys continues their layoffs. Rhemus Helms provides a cosplay coyote to dynamite their warehouse. In moving to a virtual warehouse which is no warehouse at all, P a J Butt Crack, III complains selling couples underwear for $39.99 that will never ship is fraud and not a joke worth $39.99. He also suspects he may have been fired for an unusual syndrome a chiropractor coined. Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer tells P a J it is going to be hard to prove he was fired for a disability or his complaints of fraud being that the entire liliputian warehouse he managed was dynamited. Moreover, P a J is not making any efforts to find comparable employment, but instead wants to be a concert pianist despite not being able to read music.
Comedy radio involving a 72 year old artist being laid off from a novelty toy company. Heard live on the Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer Show on KABC AM790 7-23-18. Demus is Rhemus' brother, the man whose genital was infringed, heard on earlier episodes.
Workers Compensation Specialist, Sef Krell is interviewed by Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer on KABC 790. Gerber asks Krell many of the important questions the public needs to know about workers compensation. The value of workers compensation cases, the process of obtaining a doctor, the neutral evaluation process for a claim, work stress claims, and multiple body part injuries are among the topics discussed.
Character Lisa Glick is being sued by a sales agent who was fired by a third party for sexual harassment. He sold almost half of the houses in a new home development called, "As Seen on Color TV.," but he was fired before the escrows closed. The episode explores joint employment, employment contracts, sexual harassment, and the real world of trials in which somebody suing might be liked by some and hated by others and how that leads to certain outcomes regardless of who is right and who is wrong and what the law is.
Is corporate intimacy real or fake? What is corporate intimacy? If employees build relationships at work in order to create a safe environment and build trust, can that lead to sexual harassment, off color jokes about race and ethnicity? How can managers discipline their subordinates and enforce their roles if they are intimate with their coworkers? Why is there so many feelings of race discrimination in Los Angeles, a city started by 44 minorities and 2 white people?
Logic, common sense, and probability are the cornerstone of a working employment claim. A short story is enacted in order to demonstrate the need to sue for what can be sued for and not to focus on delusional, illogical claims that only ruin the plaintiff's credibility.
Three generations of Gerbers appeared on this Father's Day tribute examining the Workplace from 1950-2078. We also talked about Baby Bonding laws, men's workplace Issues, old cars, and old Los Angeles.
Perfectionist, high end realtor from Gerber's former literary work, Does This Make My Butt Look Big? is sued by her real estate assistant. Lisa Glickman feels betrayed, and believes she can do no wrong because she was raised by a single mom in old time North Hollywood. Lisa seriously reflects on how she got to where she is by talking about where she came from and her transformation into the woman she is now. Highly emotional episode with the hook, almost final scene, and explanation for Lisa Glickman. Aired on 6/10/18 on KABC790AM Radio, Los Angeles.
A Real Estate Assistant is OnCall 24/7 but not paid for time waiting to be called. Rosa Santos Rosenstein is a real estate assistant to the great realtor, Lisa Glickman who pulled herself up from largely being raised by a single mother in 70s-80s North Hollywood. She unquestionably skated at Laurel Plaza, was part of a roller gang on and off the ice. As an adult she married a nebbish husband who cheated on her leaving her homeless. Today, Lisa is a very serious business woman who achieves perfection for her clients at all costs, and all hours of the day and night in the $3,000,000-$15,000,000 Encino, Mulholland Corridor, and Sherman Oaks real estate market.. Lisa Glickman first appeared in the fictional work Does This Make My Butt Look Big by Karl Gerber, in 2007. Aired on 6/03/18 on KABC 790AM.
The most important man in Sun Valley gets an employment law checkup. Rhemus Helms runs a cosplay ranch and discusses his employment issues. Aired 5-27-18 KABC AM790.
One cosplay actress (a dominatrix) sexually harassed a cosplay robot on a ranch owned by a former adult film maven who made his fortune suing when his genital was infringed. Employers of more than 50 employees are required to provide sexual harassment training to their supervisors and above. Most companies provide unmemorable sexual harassment training to their employees of all levels. If you want to learn about sexual harassment this is the show to listen to. Some statistics claim eight some percent of women are sexually harassed by the time they are 17. It is important to learn what sexual harassment is, and avoid it as a victim and as a harasser. No real victim of sexual harassment (who was not harassed by a celebrity) should ever go on radio or television to talk about it. This is the way to learn. This is high level comedy for 2018
Mother's Day Tribute to working moms of humans and pets. Sex and gender discrimination including the equal pay act. Workplace laws pertaining to women.
Hear a real litigant talk about how it was to win her pregnancy discrimination trial and then had the case appealed all the way up to the California Supreme Court. Then hear an employment mediator discuss how employment lawsuits can be resolved by mediation in order to avoid years of litigation.
Crazy radio show 6 minutes in . An operator turns out to be a phone sex operator. She has a bizarre dialogue with me asking legal questions about whether she should be reimbursed for buying jello she uses to make sound effects. She talks about declining a work at home job because regulars call in at the time of the day she has to help her daughter do home. She reads an obscene limerick she work for one of her characters. You ain't heard nothin' until you've heard this. Listen to other episodes at: https://worklawyer.org/pastepisodes.html
Employment Lawyer talks about fascinating sexual harassment clients, pregnancy discrimination trials, and real life coincidences. This is the historic first episode of Karl Gerber, Workplace Lawyer heard on KABC AM790 in Los Angeles every Sunday night from 7-8 PM. The show is funny.