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6/9/19 - Cindy D., the Most Famous Telephone Sex Operator discusses a two girl Muscular Dystrophy Fund Raiser she did in Delicious Devine's bedroom, and her hire back at Underground Operators where she now illegally receives a less than minimum wage because she receives a precent of the customer's spend for each phone sex call.
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4/28/19 - World Famous Nuru Nurse Nazuki will discuss the chair in her office she and Rhemus Helms conceived Hinita Orchid Helms, and how it is to be a globe trodding nuru nurse

3/24/19 - EPISODE 49 / Father Rishi Yodisinski has been invalidly subpoenaed to answer why he pays his employees in Blue Chip Stamps and First and Second Run Wacky Package Trading Cards

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